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For over 60 years now, SIBA has specialised in fuses - covering the whole range from miniature devices for electrical components to high-voltage installations. And because we devote ourselves uncompromisingly to our specific core business, you can be sure that our fuses will work when needed. Through our products, we safeguard your products, your plant and machinery, and above all your personnel. So seen from that angle, what we really think about are your vital resources. As you can see, therefore, SIBA fuses are not C products, but functional A products. And therefore money well spent.

Our profile in detail
We hope you will have realised by now: We may be single-minded about fuses, but we are certainly not blinkered. Get to know us better:

profil_thumb   We react fast.   labor thumb   We invest in research and development.
flexibel thumb   We have a broad portfolio   global thumb   We have a worldwide presence.
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SIBA SMD Fuse voted Product of the Year 2011
SIBA's 160016 fuse voted winner in the "Passive Components" category by the readers of Elektronik magazine.   more

Fuses - now alsoin Russian and Arabic
SIBA offers its company brochure in two new languages  more

In addition to our news we offer other reading matter concerning the world of fuses: Our product stories let you catch a glimpse of our customerís point of view.
Keeping wind power under control
Woodward Kempen develops and manufactures frequency converters for wind turbines - with SIBA fuses...  more

Technical Questions?
Please contact us:

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz-Ulrich Haas
Head of Research & Development
Telephone: +49-2306-7001-40

Have questions concerning Sales and Distribution?
Please call:

Volker Liefke
Manager Domestic Sales and Distribution
Telefon: +49-2306-7001-0
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