Quality by tradition

  60 years of SIBA
  Conversion of Sicherungen-Bau GmbH into SIBA GmbH & Co. KG
  Introduction of infor:com as new ERP software
2002   Founding of Chinese subsidiary
2001   SIBA L.L.C. USA is formed
2000    Certification of our environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001
  Founding of Polish subsidiary
1996    Subsidiary is formed in Singapore
1995   Founding of Czech subsidiary
1994   Founding of Dutch subsidiary
1994   Founding of subsidiary in UK
1993    International recognition of our quality assurance system through award of the EQ-Net-Certificate  
1991    Certification of our quality assurance system to DIN ISO 9000 by DQS and ASTA
1990   Takeover of Dortmund-based ELU
1989    Founding of Austrian subsidiary
1987    SIBA Fuses S.A. is formed in Johannesburg
1985    Addition of a new factory significantly enlarges our capacities
  Expansion of production floor area and purchase of new properties
1966    Launch of an international distributor network
1952    Holland marks the beginning of a Europe-wide distributor network
1951    Miniature fuses for electronics as well as fuses to American standard are added to our program
1950    Production of newly developed low and high voltage fuses
1946   The companyís founder, Carl Linz, starts recycling old fuses
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SIBA SMD Fuse voted Product of the Year 2011
SIBA's 160016 fuse voted winner in the "Passive Components" category by the readers of Elektronik magazine.   more

Fuses - now alsoin Russian and Arabic
SIBA offers its company brochure in two new languages  more

In addition to our news we offer other reading matter concerning the world of fuses: Our product stories let you catch a glimpse of our customerís point of view.
Keeping wind power under control
Woodward Kempen develops and manufactures frequency converters for wind turbines - with SIBA fuses...  more

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