Wind Power: high tech
that deserves protection

Modern and high efficient wind power technology needs a wide range of fuses. SIBA fits this needs.

Renewable energies are gaining in significance. Not only in the mind of the people, but also in the calculations of prosaic reinsurers. In  a report dated autumn 2010, Munich Re expects the share of renewable energies to increase from "10 percent to 60 percent by the middle of the century". And the reinsurer predicts "opportunities for the German insurance industry as well." Statements like this underline the rising importance of wind power and show that this technology deserves professional protection. Concerning electrical protection modern and high efficient wind power technology needs a wide range of fuses. SIBA fits this needs with its fuse portfolio:

SIBA provides ultra rapid fuses for frequency converters: the SIBA range comprises square-bodied fuses rated up to 1250/1300V with UL recognition designed to protect electronic equipment, along with many other styles and sizes. A wide range of holders and microswitches is also available.

SIBA provides industrial fuses for the low voltage side of the transformer and for smoothing capacitor protection: SIBA NH knife blade fuses are rated at 500 or 690Vac in sizes 000 to size 4a with current ratings up to 1600A.

SIBA provides medium voltage fuses for transformer and transmission line protection: SIBA have ranges of DIN medium voltage fuses for use up to 40kV, with special versions available with low watts loss (type SSK) especially designed for applications such as wind turbines. SIBA DIN medium voltage fuses are equipped with a temperature limiter striker pin, giving optimal protection of the switchgear.

Catalogues and datasheets for all SIBA fuses are available from SIBA (UK) Ltd.

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