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Wind Power: high tech
that deserves protection


Renewable energies are gaining in significance. Not only in the mind of the people, but also in the calculations of prosaic reinsurers. In  a report dated autumn 2010, Munich Re expects the share of renewable energies to increase from "10 percent to 60 percent by the middle of the century". And the reinsurer predicts "opportunities for the German insurance industry as well." Statements like this underline the rising importance of wind power and show that this technology deserves professional protection. Concerning electrical protection modern and high efficient wind power technology...

Small fuses are making it big


The impressive performance of the compact SIBA fuses is the cover feature of the edition 15/2017 of Elektronikpraxis. The bi-weekly trade magazine from Vogel publications, which has a circulation of nearly 40,000, includes a technical article by SIBA development engineer Andreas Grünig covering the entire family of small-sized SMD fuse blocks, which are designed to handle large currents in confined spaces.SIBA have recently extended their product range to include the 16020, which is designed for rated currents of 20 A and is capable of protecting against short-circuit currents of 1500 A....

Strong, stronger, 160020!


8 mm, 16 mm: our SMD product line is designed to accommodate high currents and high breaking capacities in a small package. The advantages over conventional cylindrical fuses: less installation effort and automatable mounting. The latest SMD 160020 is now in series production and can handle currents of up to 20 A at 250 V – yet is only 20 mm in length. It can reliably break short-circuit currents of as much as 1500 A. This innovation is the perfect complement to the existing range, which has been optimised on the basis of small dimensions and a large performance. Our standard product...

Safe and sustainable for a better environment


Safety fuses are important. They help protect machines and people − but when their job is done they become redundant. Yet ‘blown’ fuse links will still contain lots of valuable raw materials. This is why the NH-HH Recycling Association was set up some 20 years ago, with manufacturers joining together to collect and recycle discarded fuse links. As a founding member of the association SIBA has also been involved in this project for 20 years - having joined the group in July 1995.

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